Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the littlest becker

Rex is a big brother! The littlest Becker will be joining us in January. This picture was taken at 17 and a half weeks; we are now at the 20 week mark.

rex goes to preschool!

Rex enjoyed the first day of preschool at A New Leaf. Stephanie got to stay all day as the Helping Parent, assisting the children and teachers, and Rex enjoyed his first job as Helping Child. He got to stay close to Mom all day, and he wandered off to play when he felt comfortable. He loved his first day and is looking forward to exploring more.

summer shots

Our summer has gone by so quickly. It is only August and we have plenty of hot days ahead of us, but our summer trips and family visits have passed and we are transitioning back into a schedule and planning fall activities. We have spent lots of time in the pool, a must in Nashville! Gone blueberry picking, and eaten our share of sweet watermelon and southern peaches. And what summer wouldn't be complete without running through the sprinkler while watering the cherry tomatoes?

little drummer boy

Rex loves all things boy: balls (especially baseball!), trucks and cars, trains, etc... but what he's really into is drumming.

cousin dylan visits

Rex's cousin, Dylan, came to visit us in Nashville. Lots of quality time was spent together.

july: virginia beach

Our second family visit was to Virginia Beach to spend some time with Nana and Pop Pop, along with aunts, uncles and cousins. Rex had a blast.

july: martha's vineyard

July was filled with family! Rex enjoyed a week with the Becker's in Martha's Vineyard with his Grammy, Grandpa, aunts, uncles and cousins... a packed house on the beach!