Sunday, December 6, 2009

christmas is coming!

Rex had a blast setting up the tree yesterday. We got one easy enough for the movers to handle when we are able to move into our new/old house. Greg played carols on the piano while Steph trimmed the tree and Rex ran around the room yelling, "Christmas tree, YES!" Rex also visited Santa, same one 3 years in a row... could he be the true Santa?


How in the world does one nest when the house you'll be living in when the expected baby arrives isn't done yet? It's driving me crazy! This is how I'm doing it: Making lots of lists of things I'd like to do to the house (one day), covering my dining room chairs and making a table cloth in sewing class, and roasting blue hubbard squash the size of my head to make pies and muffins (none of which I freeze for after the baby has arrived like I should be storing in a deep freeze that will be in said house). I eat the treats right away and think of more things to add to my list nesting wishes.

big boy rex

I've always meant to take a picture of Rex sleeping in his crib, he's so quiet and peaceful. This is one of the last times Rex slept in his crib as he has now decided to sleep in his "big-boy-bed." We are relieved he decided on his own to upgrade sleeping quarters and we won't be having to take his crib away when it's time for the new little one to have the crib. Also, pictures of Rex with his beloved baseball, "flying" in the kitchen and him drumming after church. Greg is proud to say, "He's a natural."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

old new house

The renovation of our 1906 Victorian is moving into the last phase, finishing work! The exterior primer is going on the house, the trim, tile, stairs and flooring, carpeting and interior paint. We hope to be moved in before Christmas, three weeks before the littlest Becker will be joining us! Eddie, our painter, has agreed to prime the baby's room and wait for a call from us in the hospital to know what color to paint the room.

Prehaps the one thing we are most excited about is the flooring. Via our trim guy, Kyle, via our stair guy, Gabe, we were introduced to Leatherwood Inc. They reclaim wood from old factories, warehouses, the bottom of the Cumberland River, etc. and use the wood for flooring in historic homes, residential homes, park benches and even models of log cabins for museums. Greg went out to Leatherwood to see the red heart pine that will match the existing floors in the original part of the home. The new floors and stair treds and risers will come from a cotton mill outside of Memphis, TN and an old school house in Pulaski, KY. Not one tree will be cut down for the beautiful old floors in our home, all for the bargain price of $3.85 a square foot! (One flooring store in Nashville wanted to charge $9 a square foot for reclaimed heart pine.)

Everyone, please keep your fingers crossed that all will be done in timely fashion so we can settle in before Baby Becker arrives!


Rex went trick-or-treating for the first time this year. He was very tired and only went to one house. Our sweet neighbor Betty, being the good grandmother she is, had animal crackers for the little ones. Imagine how happy Steph was not to deny Rex of his booty on Halloween night, animal crackers! Oh, Rex was a lion and roared mightily.

Monday, September 28, 2009

happy birthday!

Rex and Mom celebrated their birthday together on September 20th! Rex is 2!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


home renovation

We are renovating our old Victorian that has been rented out for a few years. The addition goes over the footprint of the first floor, it's pretty major. Rex loves going over to the house and getting into the forklift, playing with his tape measure and chatting it up with Charles, our contractor. We are expected to move in December, a month before new Baby Becker arrives.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the littlest becker

Rex is a big brother! The littlest Becker will be joining us in January. This picture was taken at 17 and a half weeks; we are now at the 20 week mark.

rex goes to preschool!

Rex enjoyed the first day of preschool at A New Leaf. Stephanie got to stay all day as the Helping Parent, assisting the children and teachers, and Rex enjoyed his first job as Helping Child. He got to stay close to Mom all day, and he wandered off to play when he felt comfortable. He loved his first day and is looking forward to exploring more.

summer shots

Our summer has gone by so quickly. It is only August and we have plenty of hot days ahead of us, but our summer trips and family visits have passed and we are transitioning back into a schedule and planning fall activities. We have spent lots of time in the pool, a must in Nashville! Gone blueberry picking, and eaten our share of sweet watermelon and southern peaches. And what summer wouldn't be complete without running through the sprinkler while watering the cherry tomatoes?

little drummer boy

Rex loves all things boy: balls (especially baseball!), trucks and cars, trains, etc... but what he's really into is drumming.

cousin dylan visits

Rex's cousin, Dylan, came to visit us in Nashville. Lots of quality time was spent together.