Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rex baracked the vote

Please get out to the voting booth to support your candidate of choice!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

rex unpacks the groceries

race for the white house runs through nashville

This past Tuesday, Nashville welcomed McCain and Obama to their
second debate. Rex was super excited, along with everyone else. Our first stop was at Bongo Java to get a coffee where the barista told us the Secret Service gave all employees a background check a few weeks prior to the debate. On the way onto Belmont Campus we saw impersonators of G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin (applying lots of lipstick). Chris Matthews from MSNBC was interviewing live and giving autographs during commercial
breaks. We chatted with our most excellent mayor, Mayor Karl Dean and once on campus saw friends, supporters for McCain/Palin and about 95% of the crowd were Obama supporters. It was an electric energy, good fun among both supporters and even a few shouting, "they're the same!" We almost did not go due to the rain but we're glad we did and not one drop fell from the sky!

rex goes to paris!

Paris, TN that is... We went for a quiet weekend of hiking and when we arrived at Paris Landing State Park we were welcomed by the Boss Hoss Motorcycle Convention. Lots of loud bikes. We went into downtown Paris and found the Democratic Headquarters for Henry County and got a Obama/Biden sign for our front lawn and found The Ten Commandments! We did get a good hike in away from the bikes when we went to Land Between the Lakes National Park. We also got a taste of living on a farm in the early 1800's. Rex loved the farm animals and dressing up in costumes.