Wednesday, June 24, 2009

sweden in june

We were informed that Sweden in June was a beautiful time to visit. Unfortunately, when we were there, the weather was unseasonably cold and wet for the time of year. Rex had a great time celebrating Sweden's National Day, visiting Pippi Longstocking with friends Suzanne and Patrik and their children, Elliot and Tom. We went to Stockholm's best parks (they are all the best and have throngs of children playing at them), museums and play spaces. He also spent time with his Swedish girlfriend, Elsa, a shared Italian meal being the most romantic evening followed by bubble blowing so the parents could get a bit more conversation in, thanks Mathias and Gabriella! We also had a lovely time with friends Linda and Anders.
Rex's Godmother, Jamina, came along for the fun and to give mom and dad some DATE NIGHTS IN STOCKHOLM! Who says romance is over once you have kids? Thanks, Mina!


Here are some shots from a trip to Burgess Falls where we hiked, threw rocks, played in a waterfall, ate strawberries and Rex passed out on the ride home.


In April we visited our family in Boston and watched some of the Boston Marathon.